Since 2016 I’m an associate professor of French secondary education. I’m on leave for postdoc research. This is the highest degree in teaching (French “agrégation”).

I teached the undergraduate courses in maths listed below between 2013 and 2015. I also gave individual math oral exams to undergrad students (classes préparatoires, CPGE) in 2011/2012.

  • Linear Algebra: Euclidean Spaces and Quadratic Form Tutorials 3 hours per week in 2014 and 2015 : course and exercises by Olivier Glass (French).

  • Differential Calculus Tutorials 1:30 hours per week in 2015.

  • Analysis: Continuity and Differentiability Tutorials 3 hours per week in 2013.

  • Oral Examination Individual test for undergraduate students, 2 hours per week in 2011/2012 (CPGE – lycée Janson de Sailly). Here are some exercises (in French).

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